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You will enjoy working with DYNATEX. You can choose from sew-on applications, and a wide range of trims. Reflective trim can be added to a garment easily and stylishly.
Either piped, top-stitched or heat applied, these trims will enhance the design and performance of your item.


The VizMax Reflective Band is the best reflective helmet band available today. Quite simply it connects us to an outside world providing a line of defense in a sometimes disconnected environment.

The VizMax Reflective Band is constructed of high-grade, light weight engineered material that offers the combination of stretch ability, visibility, and grip ability. Slim and ultra lightweight, it's packed with visibility.

Wrapping around your helmet provides an awesome 360 degrees of conspicuity. Because each moment can be a defining moment, the one-size-fits-all band can be easily transferred from one helmet to another.

Let the VizMax Reflective Band identify you and maximize your visualness.


Bindings • Tapes • Trimmings


Reflective Products - Converted

Retroreflective materials deliver visibility at night

DYNATEX uses 3M Scotchlite and Refexite Reflective materials. These products use the science of retro-reflectivity to capture light and reflect it back to the source.

The result is a reflection that makes the wearer highly visible at night, especially to approaching motorists. The driver's headlights are reflected back with a brilliant light that is more than 1500 times brighter than white fabric. This adds a tremendous element of visibility to anyone who is on or near the roads at night.


Reflective Products - Un-converted

  • Yarn
  • Heat Transfer Film
  • Fabrics
  • Prismatic PVC


Environmentally Friendly Bags

Our fabrics are chosen with the environment in mind. We use 100% recyclable non-woven polyester that is 100% recyclable and 100% re-usable. This unique fabric is itself only half the solution; our excellent designs are the other half. We give consideration and emphasis to the practical needs of the end-user, both aesthetically and functionally.

For samples and inspiration, please refer to the Gallery section.


We are extremely proud of all our Environmental Bags and the benefits they have for our environment. We are also confident they will meet the most demanding of customer standards.

Benefits of Environmentally Friendly Bags

  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: Our bags are designed to be re-used. Standard polyethylene bags are typically one-time use, after which they take up space in a landfill. Paper bags, of course, require a tree to make the ultimate sacrifice, plus they use bleaches and other industrial chemicals in their manufacture.
  • DURABLE: Our bags are strong. So strong, if cut they will not fray like a woven bag will.
  • WATER RESISTANT: Unlike polyethylene our bags will not absorb humidity, which allows it to maintain their shape in all weather conditions avoiding bacteria and foul colors.
  • CHILD SAFE: Our bags are safe to have around children. The fabric is breathable, creating a safe environment around children.
  • NON-ALLERGENIC: Our fabric does not provoke an allergic response in sensitive people. Even natural fabrics like cotton cannot make this claim.
  • COST EFFECTIVE: Our bags offer the durability and attractiveness of a fabric bag at a fraction of a high-end plastic or paper bag.

Types of Bags:

  • Grocery
  • Gift
  • Wine
  • Drawstring
  • Generic