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You will enjoy working with DYNATEX. You can choose from sew-on applications, and a wide range of trims. Reflective trim can be added to a garment easily and stylishly.
Either piped, top-stitched or heat applied, these trims will enhance the design and performance of your item.

Reflective Products - Converted

Retroreflective materials deliver visibility at night

DYNATEX uses 3M Scotchlite and Refexite Reflective materials. These products use the science of retro-reflectivity to capture light and reflect it back to the source.

The result is a reflection that makes the wearer highly visible at night, especially to approaching motorists. The driver's headlights are reflected back with a brilliant light that is more than 1500 times brighter than white fabric. This adds a tremendous element of visibility to anyone who is on or near the roads at night.